Our Mission

The Pencil Art Foundation, focused on the creation and curation of art produced by talented local artists, is the conduit for conversation in and around the art world.

We aim to increase the value, visibility and appreciation for art, while at the same time make an impact in the life of artists, by supporting them where they need support.

Furthermore, we look at constantly doing great things by creating engaging experiences that serve the community, and enhance the overall quality of life of both the artist and the individuals in the community, through culturally-attuned and aesthetically-stimulating artistic pieces.

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Our Vision


The Pencil Art Foundation believes that the accessibility one has to viewing art should not be a privilege, but rather a necessity – something accessible to all. Art allows a person to feel emotions. It changes opinions, instils values and translates experiences across space and time. As such, we aspire to open up spaces to allow for artists to share their work, and in the same way, have individuals receive it.


We believe both change and expression of narratives that speak to shared community and artistic experiences is fundamental to the curation and creation of art. What we leave to current and future generations relies on these narratives and is essential in establishing society’s collective memory and our basic sense of self. Art, after all, has a major role to play in the enhancement and expression of our human experience.


The Pencil Art Foundation operates as an open platform for constructive dialogue and creative & convivial conversations, while simultaneously serving as a platform for creative exchanges, cultural appreciation, and artistic collaborations.


The Pencil Art Foundation embraces culture and diversity, servicing a broad range of communities and engaging with individuals from all walks of life. As both a conduit and catalyst, The Foundation nurtures, initiates, and promotes art, while inviting and encouraging community participation.


The Pencil Art Foundation sees inspiration to be more crucial now than ever before. Not only does art have the capacity to invite us into transcendent experience, but it also tells a story and evokes emotion. Art is an essential component of our human experience that has the potential to unlock creative thinking, advance new ideas, and drive innovation. Furthermore, as a tool for communication and self-expression, art has the potential to serve as a humanitarian unifier, creating camaraderie through shared artistic encounters, inciting solidarity by highlighting our common human condition, and encouraging conflict resolution.

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Our Partners